🇳🇱 AJP Tour Amsterdam 2024 🇳🇱


🏆🇳🇱BJJ Dutch Open 2023🇳🇱🏆

🎉Congratulations to Paweł for 🥈place👏

🙌Indigo, Vin, Willem, Kamil, Michał do best but that was not enough for today. 🙌

🦁Team Renzo Gracie Holland did great work and we took 🥈place Overall Team & Best Academy 🦁

🎉Congratulations for Everyone who fight and Thank You for Support Team♥️

🥋Versus BJJ Kids Edition🥋

🎉Igor congratulations for tooking 🥈place🎉

🥇Congratulations also for Kris, Aboe, Ryan, Levi, Ariyan, Djesse, Titan, Piotr, Jason & Natan for great fights and tooking together 1st place for Best Academy & Overall Team💪


💙💜🤎3 New Belts at Renzo Gracie Amersfoort💙💜🤎

👏Congratulations for Michał - Blue Belt, Paweł - Purple Belt and Marcin - Brown Belt👏

🦁Renzo Gracie Holland x Silverfox Camp🦊


👑King of the Beach 2023 🏖️

🤼On day 1 (NoGi) of King of the Beach our athletes achieved the following results: Michał Ł - 3rd place, Marcin - 3rd place, Willem - 2nd place and Kacper - 3rd place🤼

🥋The next day the competition was held in the Gi.Here are the results: Marcin - 1st place, Michał Ł - 2nd place, Willem - 3rd place and Kamil - 2nd place🥋

🔥Renzo Gracie Holland Team took 1st place - Best Academy Adult Gi, 1st place - Best Academy Masters Gi and 2nd place - Best Academy🔥

🎉 Congrats for Everyone 🎉

🇳🇱BJJ Dutch Open NoGi 2023🇳🇱

🏆Michał won his own category and took 1st place. Unfortunately, in the open class he lost in the fight for 3rd place and took 4th place. Marcin took 3rd place in his category and 2nd place in the open category🏆

🎉 Congratulations 🎉

🏆AGF European Championship 2023🏆

🏆Coach Paweł from today is AGF European Champion 🏆

🥳Good work and Congratulations Champ 🏆

🏆IBJJF European Championship 2023🏆

🏆 Coach Marcin competed at IBJJF European Championship 2023 in Paris. Unfortunately he lost his first fight on points and he was eliminated from tournament🏆

🙌Now it's time to go home and prepare with the team even better for the next year🙌
🔥 Let's Go‼️🔥

🦁Renzo Gracie Holland Graduation Training 2022🦁

👏 Congratulations for Aneta, Ewelina, Indigo, Rafał & Robert for receiving new stripes today👏

BJJ Dutch Open 2022

🥇 place for Marcin. 🥈place Overall Team & 🥈place for Best Academy. Also Michał Dudek took 🥈place for fastest submission on tournament (00:12 seconds). Congratulations 🥳🥳

NAGA Amsterdam 2022

🙌Congratulations for Marcin ( 1st Gi Purple  & 2nd NoGi Expert ), Michał D ( 2nd NoGi Beginners & 3rd Gi White), Rehina ( 3rd Gi Beginners) & Sven (3rd Gi). Michał Ł & Łukasz did great but this was not enough for podium. Thanks Team for great fights and support ❤️🙏

🎃 Halloween 2022🎃

Renzo Gracie Holland Fall Camp 2022

AJP Netherlands 2022

Marcin & Michał 🥇

AJP NoGi Europe 2022

Michał 🥉& Marcin 🥇

Seminar with Patrick Krause (Headcoach of Renzo Gracie Hamburg)

🦁Seminar with Kemail Verhoeven🦁

🔥Today we have great seminar with Kemail who for first time visit our school. We have also graduation today. First stripe on white belt received: Shifra, Ewelina, Michał Ł, Michał D,  Rafał, Daria & Aneta. Also first stripe on blue belt received Paweł (two stripes). Thank You Kemail for great time and congratulations to you boys & girls for receiving stripes 👏👏👏

✒️Today we signed a contract for our own location at Schothorsterlaan 76 in Amersfoort. We are starting there from next month (04/07/22)✒️

🔥What does this mean for you? A lot of Jiu Jitsu🔥

💥 Let's Go 💥

🦁 Renzo Gracie Holland Camp with Hannette Staack 🦁

🐰Kids Easter Training🐣

🥳We played, we laughed, we had great time and we ate chocolate eggs🥰

🙏Fightclub Against War 🙏

Martial Arts seminars at The Bulldog (Antwerpen,Belgium) to help the war victims from Ukraine 🇺🇦

All money what we collecting will go for humanitarian aid for Ukraine 🇺🇦

🥰🌹International Women's Day at Renzo Gracie Amersfoort🌹 🥰

AJP Tour Amsterdam 2022

We have 🥇🥈🥉Good job boys. Now we back on the mats and we train for 🥇🥇🥇 only❗

Dear Women's

International Women's Day is coming soon. For this reason, from today 28/02 to 11/03 Womens can try Brazilian Jiu Jitsu 2x for free. And if you like it and you sign up within the above-mentioned period, you will receive a special gift for Women's Day from Renzo Gracie Amersfoort

Veluwe Open BJJ 2022

Today Lukasz and Marcin fought at the Veluwe Open BJJ tournament. Unfortunately, this time it was not successful
But there is also good news:
The rest of Team Renzo Gracie Holland fought very well which allowed us to get 3rd place for The Best Academy at Veluwe Open 

1st Week at Renzo Gracie Amersfoort

1st Introductie BJJ Training 🥳🥳🥳

Introductie Training

19 February 2022

Saturday 10:00

You don't know what Brazilian Jiu Jitsu is?

Do you want to do a training and see what they look like?

Maybe you have any other questions?

Come and take a part in our Brazilian Jiu Jitsu introduction training. Training for everyone. For children and adults.

What you need to do?

Contact with is via e-mail, WhatsApp or Social Media (Instagram or FB). If you have answer you can JOIN. If not then sorry we have no more space for you.

What you need?

If you have kimono (Gi) that is great. If not you can come train with shorts/spats en shirt. 

Before coming please read out Rules.

Thank You 

We hope we see You There✌️

We Start 21 February 2022

First Class on Monday 20:00 Submission Grappling

Yessss!!! We Have Location!!!!

Woestijgerweg 187A


Graduation Day 2021

Renzo Gracie Holland

BJJ Dutch Open 2021

Renzo Gracie Holland Team 

Marcel - 1st, Yorick - 2nd, Menno & Marcin 3rd place.


Renzo Gracie Prague Camp 2021

Seminar with Thomas Buschkamp at Renzo Gracie Holland in Breda 2021

NAGA Germany 2021

Marcin win in Gi Purple Belt. IN NoGi Expert he was close, he lost in 3rd place fight.

Good Job!!!

Renzo Gracie Holland Fall Camp 2021


Karel ''Silver Fox'' Pravec

                                                                                           AJP Netherlands 2021

Paweł after injury in his first fight took 3rd place NoGi. Marcin  1st Gi en 2nd NoGi. Lukasz was close to the podium, he lost his fight for 3rd place in NoGi.




Renzo Gracie Holland Summer Camp 2021


Buschamp Bros