Marcin Kasprzyk

Marcin started his adventure with Martial Arts at the end of 2016 with MMA and Kickboxing. In spring 2017 decided to give BJJ a chance in Gracie Barra school. In 2018 he finished his Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu Instructor Course and started teaching children and adults BJJ classes. Marcin soon left GB and he train at different clubs until he met Kemail Verhoeven. Then he found his place and join Renzo Gracie Holland. In 2021 he completed course for MMA Instructor.

He participates in many seminars to develop his skills, among others in: Marcus Buchecha, Demian Maia, Chris Haueter , Felipe Pena, Lucas Lepri, Jonas Andrade,  Adam Wardzinski, Lucio Lagarto, V. Estima, Carlos Maia, Augusto Ferrari, Vinicius "Draculino" , Karel " Silverfox "Pravec, Robert Degle, Buschkamp Bros, Jordy Peute, Daniel De Groot, Hannette Staack, Kenny Kim. 

He's currently a Brown Belt BJJ.


White Belt

NAGA Germany 2018 - 1st Gi & NoGi Master

Blue Belt

AGF European Championship 2018 - 1st NoGi, 2nd NoGi Open Class, 2nd Gi Master1

NAGA Europe 2018 - 1st NoGi Master

AJP Netherlands 2019 - 2nd Gi, 3rd NoGi Master1

BJJ Friends Easter Edition 2019 - 2nd Gi Adult

Nijmegen Open 2019 - 2nd Gi Adult

AGF Berlin 2019 - 1st Gi, 1st NoGi, 3rd NoGi Open Master1

Grappling Industries Amsterdam 2019 - 1st Gi, 2nd NoGi Master

AGF European Championship 2019 - 1st Gi, 1st NoGi Master1

AJP Germany 2019 - 1st Gi Master1

IBJJF Amsterdam Open 2019 - 1st Gi, 1st Gi Open, 1st NoGi, 1st NoGi Open Master1

Primal Games 2019 - 2nd Gi, 2nd NoGi Adult

NAGA Europe 2019 - 1st Gi, 1st NoGi

Grappling Industries Amsterdam 2019 - 3rd NoGi, 3rd Gi Absolute Master

BJJ Dutch Open 2019 - 3rd Gi Adult

AJP Almere 2020 - 1st NoGi, 2nd Gi Master1

Purple Belt

AJP Netherlands 2021 - 1st Gi Master2, 2nd NoGi Master1

NAGA Germany 2021 - 1st Gi Master

BJJ Dutch Open 2021 - 3rd Gi Master

AJP  Amsterdam 2022 - 1st NoGi Master1, 2nd Gi Master2

AJP Netherlands 2022 - 1st Gi Master2

AJP NoGi Europe Continental 2022 - 1st NoGi Master2

NAGA Amsterdam 2022 - 1st Gi Master, 2nd Expert Master

BJJ Dutch Open 2022 - 1st Gi Master

BJJ Dutch Open NoGi 2023 - 3rd Master, 2nd Master Open Class

King of the Beach 2023 - 3rd Master NoGi, 1st Master Gi

Brown Belt

AJP Amsterdam 2024 - 1st Gi Master2, 1st NoGi Master2

Grappling Industries Amsterdam 2024 - 1st Gi Brown Absolute Master, 1st Gi Master, 1st NoGi Brown/Black Master

NAGA Brussels 2024 - 3rd Gi Master, 2nd Gi Absolute Brown/Black 18+