Paweł Siwula

Pawel started his adventure with martial arts and grappling back in 2008 training under one of the very first Polish BJJ Black Belts in Gracie Barra Bastion Tychy.

After having some initial competition success his martials arts journey has been halted for few years by injuries and later committing full time to rugby union competition.

After moving to The Netherlands and finally putting most of his health issues behind he reignited his love for Brazilian Jiu Jitsu at Renzo Gracie Amersfoort where he also discovered great fulfillment in teaching.

After working his way back up to previously achieved blue belt he is back on track with training, competing and deepening his jiu jitsu knowledge.

He's currently a Purple Belt BJJ. 



White Belt:

IX International MMA Tournament Irigumi-Go 2010 - 1st place Adult

Silesian Ju-Jitsu Ne-Waza Championships 2009 3rd Place Adult

Blue Belt:

AJP Netherlands National 2022 – 3rd Place NoGi Master

AJP International NL 2022 – 3rd place NoGi Master

AGF European Championships – 1st Place Gi Master